Artist’s Statement

Diane Reardon was making string art in the ’60s when she was supposed to be studying psychology; her passion for contemporary fiber art has never waned.

Diane in the studio.

Diane in the studio.

In 1997 she focused her prior scattered training with a 2-1/2 year City and Guilds of London design course. When not at her day job as a creativity coach, she creates abstract pieces for the wall that interlace the realities of dreams, relationships, and nature.

Richly layered mixed media uses hand-dyed, found, and commercial fabrics transformed with wax encaustic, stamping, and discharge. Repeating images reflect how the same issues permeate our lives, both in its details and major crises and celebrations. Pieces are assembled with collage, stitchery, quilting, and embellishment. All materials are archival, including those used when pieces are framed or floated on canvas.

Working in series she has explored dream imagery (Itchy Feet), the archetype of solitude in community (Monkish Ways), how folks’ relationships appear in public (Peoplescapes), and our complex connections to earth (Whales I and II). She uses a 10” by 10” format for initial studies and follow-up pieces (Small Offerings; Letters Home; Daily Exercises).